Friday, June 6, 2014

Owner Hall of Fame criteria

Let's begin our discussion on the Lets Play Two Owner HOF by discussing who will be eligible.   The league is going into season 24, so maybe the minimum # of seasons in the league should be 10?  Beyond that, I think we'll need to vote based upon wins, championships, etc.   But I think 10 seasons in the league will indicate the owner has been here long enough to have had an impact.

What do you think the criteria should be to be eligible for the Owner's HOF?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

AL Franchise Defense

I touched on defense in the world chat and decided I wanted to share some numbers. I thought this would look messy on the world chat so here we are. 
I've been using the defensive stats provided on the team and player pages to determine an individual player's defensive value. I do this by determining the number of outs saved by the player in relation to the league's average at his position. I then convert outs to runs and runs to wins.
Since I have all the individual player numbers from the past 5 seasons I decided to do a franchise ranking of defensive wins gained for this season (prorated to 162) plus the previous four years.
The margin of error is +/- 1.5 wins.
1. COL 25.8   2. TRE 21.3   3. PIT 10.5   4. SAL 8.4   5. BOI 5.9   6. FLA 4.7   7. OTT 3.7   8. WAS 2.6   9. CHA 1.4   10. ROC -4.3   11. SJU -6.3   12. NAS -8.0   13. BOS -9.4   14. SF -12.6   15. MIL -18.6   16. NY -23.6
It appears to me the difference between an elite and an awful defense is around 10 wins a season.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Surprise Division Series Playoff Outcomes

In a shocking Division Series round there were 3 upsets out of the 4 series. First a very solid Colorado team was able to upset the top seed in the American League in the juggernaut El Paso Condors. The second upset was Syracuse upsetting the top see in the National League, Memphis. The Mockingbirds were able to win one game, but the Speed dominated the series overall. The last upset involved the upstart New York Knights as they pulled off their second upset of the playoffs over Vancouver. Can the Knights continue their hot play against the Speed? Can the Silver Bullets continue their hot streak against the defending champions, Trenton? Time will tell to see who can represent their respective leagues in the World Series!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Final Power Rankings for Season 14

1. Sioux Falls Insanity(96-47)--The Insanity have been absolutely superb this season. They are led by the best pitching staff in the world with Heath Loux having his best season ever, which is saying something.
Previously Ranked: 1st(E)

2. Memphis Mockingbirds(91-53)--Memphis has the 2nd best pitching staff in the world and a top 5 offense as well. They are the best team statistically in the NL and have to be the favorites to represent the NL right now.
Previously Ranked: 4th(+2)

3. Colorado Silver Bullets(87-56)--The Silver Bullets have once again been led by the best offense in Lets Play Two. Colorado is on it's way to a 5th consecutive AL West Division title. They also had a HUGE off-season move picking up Cy Young candidate Fritz Brock. This is a team that no one will want to face come playoff time.
Previously Ranked: 2nd(-1)

4. Vancouver Gold Rush(86-57)--The Gold Rush have a very good stellar offense and all around team. One thing that they needed to improve a little bit earlier in the season was their pitching and boy have they done that. Vancouver promoted Bob Stock and then traded for to help shore up their staff. This is a team that has the talent to make a deep run in the playoffs.
Previously Ranked: 6th(+2)

5. Washington D.C. Senators(87-56)--The Senators rely mostly on their pitching staff and they will continue to do that into the playoffs. They have a couple of Cy Young caliber guys to help them in Juan Maranon and Davey Ortiz.
Previously Ranked: 7th(+2)

6. El Paso Condors(84-59)--El Paso is led by a very good pitching staff that collectively has been excellent. Jorel Cone has been absolutely superb in the bullpen. This team definitely has the firepower and is the defending champs. Anyone who sleeps on them is making a mistake.
Previously Ranked: 5th(-1)

7. Trenton Nails(86-58)--Trenton is led by rookie of the year candidate Hector Belisario and a very good offense. They will go as far as their bats can take them.
Previously Ranked: 8th(+1)

8. Syracuse Speed(85-58)--The Speed are led by slugging MVP candidates Walt Osborne and Kenneth Branson. They have an offense that can explode at any time backed up by very solid pitching and defense.
Previously Ranked: 10th(+2)

9. Baltimore Skipjacks(78-65)--The Skipjacks have really fallen since the all-star break. Their offense continues to falter letting down a very good pitching staff.
Previously Ranked: 3rd(-6)

10. Cincinnati Red Stockings(85-59)--Cincinnati is led by perennial Cy Young candidate Juan Cruz. Once again he has been superb and will look to get Cincinnati back to the World Series.
Previously Ranked: 9th(-1)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

4th Power Rankings for Season 14

1. Sioux Falls Insanity(65-30)--The Insanity stumbled out of the gate a little bit this season. Since then though they have been the hottest team in the world. They have the top pitching staff and the second best offense in the league. They are just dominating everyone right now.
Previously Ranked: 1st(E)

2. Colorado Silver Bullets(60-35)--Colorado has the best offense in Lets Play Two! They have a very good pitching staff to help complement them as they will battle Siox Falls down the stretch for the top spot in the AL.
Previously Ranked: 8th(+7)

3. Baltimore SkipJacks(58-37)--The SkipJacks have a top 10 pitching staff with an offense that is just outside of the top 10. They play solid all around baseball using the whole team to keep winning.
Previously Ranked: 4th(+1)

4. Memphis Mockingbirds(55-40)--Memphis has been playing subpar recently. They have a great team that should be able to run away with the NL South division.
Previously Ranked: 2nd(-2)

5. El Paso Condors(56-39)--The Condors sport a top 5 pitching staff with a top 10 offense. They also have a much better expected winning percentage. They have been playing a little under what they are capable of but this will be one scary team come playoff time.
Previously Ranked: 7th(+2)

6. Vancouver Gold Rush(57-38)--Vancouver continues to improve as the season goes on. Their offense remains one of the NL's best and their pitching continue to improve.
Previously Ranked: 9th(+3)

7. Washington D.C. Senators(58-37)--The Senators have the third best pitching in all of Lets Play Two. Their offense isn't great but it gets timely hitting to help keep them atop their division.
Previously Ranked: 5th(-2)

8. Trenton Nails(56-39)--Trenton doesn't do anything exceptionally well, but they use every player on their team and get the most out of everyone. This team plays as a team and continues to win as a team.
Previously Ranked: NR

9. Cincinnati Red Stockings(59-36)--Cincinnati has a top 10 offense supported by a solid but not spectacular pitching staff. However if this team can make the playoffs they can be very dangerous with their top 2 starters.
Previously Ranked: 10th(+1)

10. Syracuse Speed(58-37)--The Speed have an excellent offense and a top 10 pitching staff. They have stumbled a bit as of late, but look for them to get hot again and run away with their divsion.
Previously Ranked: 3rd(-7)

Dropping out: Portland Lumberjacks

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Season 14 Week 3 Power Rankings

1. Sioux Falls Insanity(39-21)--The Insanity have been absolutely on FIRE over the last couple of weeks. They have a GREAT pitching staff that is just unbelievable.
Previously Ranked:NR

2. Memphis Mockingbirds(37-23)--Memphis continues to be one of the best teams in Lets Play Two. They have the 2nd best pitching staff and an offense that so far has been a little better than Sioux Falls. Could they clash in the World Series this year?!
Previously Ranked: 1st(-1)

3. Syracuse Speed(41-19)--The Speed have been almost as good as Sioux Falls over the past couple weeks. They have one of the better offenses in the world and have a very good staff behind them.
Previously Ranked: 4th(+1)

4. Baltimore SkipJacks(37-22)--The SkipJacks have a top 10 offense and a top 10 pitching staff. To go along with that they have the best defense in the world. A very good, solid team all the way around.
Previously Ranked: 3rd(-1)

5. Washington D.C. Senators(37-22)--The Senators have an excellent pitching staff, but they are struggling on offense. They need to add some and then they will really be a team to reckon with.
Previously Ranked: 10th(+5)

6. Portland Lumberjacks
(37-22)--Portland is a lot like D.C. They have excellent pitching but are in need of some more offense. It will be interesting to see what happens if they get some. The NL West could be a nice race.
Previously Ranked: 6th(E)

7. El Paso Condors(35-25)--The Condors are playing a little under where they will probably end up. They have an excellent team that will definitely challenge for the Title again this season.
Previously Ranked: 2nd(-5)

8. Colorado Silver Bullets(35-24)--The Silver Bullets have the best offense in the AL and a top 10 pitching staff. They look to roll all the way to the playoffs in the AL West.
Previously Ranked: 8th(E)

9. Vancouver Gold Rush(33-26)--The Gold Rush have the best offense in the whole world. They have some great power in their lineup. They have some solid pitching and if they can add a pitcher or two then they will be a very scary team.
Previously Ranked: NR

10. Cincinnati Red Stockings(34-25)--The Red Stockings just barely make it into the Power Rankings. They have a very good pitching staff but they need more offense to help make this team a true contender.
Previously Ranked: NR

Dropping out: Burlington Black Sox, San Francisco Giants, and Texas Rangers

Monday, August 22, 2011

Power Rankings for Week 1 Season 14

1. Memphis Mockingbirds(15-7)--Memphis is lead by the best offense in Lets Play Two. They have slugged their way to the best expected winning percentage so far in the early going.

2. El Paso Condors(14-8)--The Condors have a top 5 pitching staff and defense that is complimented by a top 10 offense. The defending champs will once again be in the middle of contention all season long.

3. Baltimore SkipJacks(15-7)--Baltimore has jumped out to an early lead in their division. They have a very strong defense with a top 10 offense and a solid pitching staff.

4. Syracuse Speed(15-7)--Syracuse has a very potent offense in the early going this season. They have struggled a little with the pitching but once that straightens out the Speed will be in contention all season.

5. Burlington Black Sox(14-8)--The Black Sox have a top 5 offense supported by a top 10 pitching staff. If they can keep this going could there be a change atop the AL North this season?

6. Portland Lumberjacks(15-7)--The Lumberjacks have the top pitching staff in the world right now, but they will need to improve their offense and defense if they intend to stay in the playoff hunt.

7. San Francisco Giants(15-7)--The Giants are also playing behind a very good pitching staff, but their offense will also need to improve to stay in the Power Rankings.

8. Colorado Silver Bullets(15-7)--The Silver Bullets haven't excelled in any one category, but they have played very good solid all around baseball.

9. Texas Rangers(12-10)--Despite having a top 5 offense and pitching staff the Rangers have been on a losing streak recently. They will turn it around and be right there with El Paso all season long.

10. Washington D.C. Senators(14-8)--The Senators have also been playing very solid baseball in the early going. Nothing flashy, just good solid baseball.